Work, play, connect and create in your own metaverse.

The public presale is live! Time to grab $ROOM tokens at a discount! Don't miss out! Create your own customizable 3D virtual world to share with friends, family, fans, customers, and more, with no coding skills required! @ROOM tokens are the lifeblood of Roomful’s currently active ecosystem.

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Token features
 and use cases.

  • Group 10

    Built on Avalanche’s blazingly fast, low cost, & eco-friendly network.

  • Group 9

    Experience to earn rev-share model. Build spaces, events, and experiences for the community to earn.

  • Group 8

    Use @Room tokens to upgrade rooms, unlock themes, and assets.


Our user-friendly design studio allows anyone to create, monetize, and share their own private or public virtual world within a fully immersive 3D browsing experience. Choose from pre-designed themes and templates, and link your favorite products to earn from affiliate purchases. Or use our platform to build your own white label metaverse and explore Web 3.0’s endless possibilities.

$0.05 usd = 1 @ROOM

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  • Exchange Liquidity Pool
  • Future Executives
  • Community and Marketing
  • Public Sale
  • Team
  • Founders
  • Presale
  • Creator Fund
  • Charity
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Total Supply: 3,000,000,000


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Public sale

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  • Deploy Roomful
  • Token ICO
  • Exchange listings
 Q2 2022
    Get listed on public and defi exchanges
  • Feature updates
    Mixamo avatar upgrades, 3D nfts, built-in NFT marketplace
  • Activate 
Creator Fund
  • Asset Store launch
  • Partnerships
    Banking and Network TV
  • Roomful on Graphic Cloud
    Extending the Roomful experience
  • Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)
    Launch Metaverse as a Service on AWS.

Clients and Partners

US army
Johnson and Johnson

The Team


Chase Gassert

Chief Blockchain Officer

Successful Serial Entrepreneur


Alex Avraham Shtaygrud

Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Tech Visionary and Lead Developer of IE


Dave Copeland

VP of Business Development

Entertainment Industry Legend


Seth Bailey

VP of Operations

World-Famous Online Marketing OG

Connect and Communicate.

From showcasing your NFT collection and selling directly to other users, to launching private virtual offices using our 
video chat and collaboration features, the possibilities 
are endless. @Room is your token to a whole new world.

  • Cutting edge technology for Intuitive, Immersive, Intimate 3D social experiences.
  • Extension of our reality instead of Escape from our reality into fantasy world.
  • Web 3.0 metaverse embedded into your existing 2d web site.
  • Age of Experience running on all computing platforms, ranging from VR glasses, MR Glasses, AR, mobile to regular desktop browsers.
  • Offering Unlimited amount of Virtual Spaces versus Limited amount of Virtual Pixels
  • Blockchain and NFT enabled metaverse
  • Roomful uses high fidelity graphics, not pixelated experience.
  • Roomful is for all, kids, students, professionals and senior adults.
  • Roomful is a platform, therefore extendable and extensible.
  • With Roomful you can build your own world.
  • Roomful is currently used for Personal rooms, Virtual Mansions for families, Art Galleries, Museums, Hall of Fames, Trade Shows, Science Fairs, Art Fairs, Galleries for NFTs, Shopping Malls, Virtual Offices, Schools, Classrooms, Conferences, Summits, Events, Virtual Sessions, Meditation rooms, Group meditations and therapies, Metaverses for professionals, Digital Twin Cities, Virtual Factories, Manufacturing Prototype rooms, NFT minting platform and NFT market place, 3D NFTs minting and manufacturing, Metaverses for new type of communications, etc.
  • Roomful is an excellent prototype tool for any metaverse.
  • Roomful can be extended to use for entertainment, gaming industry.
  • 3D customizable room templates
  • Ability to add your custom environments, room styles, 3D gadgets, any content.
  • High fidelity graphics with comprehensive controls for professionals.
  • Built-in text chats for personal and groups.
  • Built-in video chats for simple direct calls, group chats, conferences, webinars.
  • Built-in story telling tools.
  • Built-in avatars, or ability to extend the platform with different avatars or custom avatars.
  • Metaverse creation and white labeling solutions.
  • Content Management system to control the entire content of the metaverse.
  • Excellent system for NOCODE community.
  • Full administrative dashboard panel.
  • Dynamic loading.
  • Many more…
  • Roomful is using the latest and greatest technology for the front-end and the back-end.
  • A++ Coding: Excellent code base, can become an Open Source for Metaverse OS.
  • Blockchain: All metaverse operations can be transacted on a dedicated blockchain(s).
    Configurable: Roomful is built like a lego constructor with the ability to make super complex applications just by adding (or subtracting) existing packages and components.
  • Streamline production of White Labeling apps for metaverses.
  • Collaborative: Built-in video, audio, and text chats for meetings, webinars, and conferences. Proprietary technology for video streaming in 3D.
  • Content: Full Content Management via Web Site or within Metaverse. Support for all types of content (2D, 3D, animations, NFTs).
  • CI/CD: Automated platform builds, automated deployments.
  • Dynamic: Roomful platform and all 3D dynamically changeable environments are using proprietary loader technology, fault-tolerant, guaranteeing the most optimal load of applications, scenes, assets, content resources, dynamic avatars, lights, etc.
  • Decentralized: All operations are tokenized, transactions are recorded on Blockchain, and dapps do not require centralized control. Decentralized NFTs content.
  • Extensible: Roomful is a platform with Extensible API (ability to add new components by 3rd party developers).
    Extendable: Asset publishing plugin for external developers to build their own 3D spaces and 3D animated gadgets for any computing platform.
  • Elastic: Space architecture assumes the ability for dynamic expansion or collapse of spaces.
  • Foretelling: Novel way for 3D live storytelling, presentations, group training. (3D Powerpoint).
  • Futuristic: Synchronization service with unparalleled capacities can be embedded and controlled by other applications, and applications can be streamed and managed by different applications and devices.
    Integratable: We have 3rd party integrations with Google (store, youtube, drive, docs), Amazon (cloud, store), AI neural networks for human avatar animations, and AI engines for concierge-bots, and more.
  • Privacy: Modeled to build a multiverse of metaverse(s), each metaverse with multiple networks of people.
  • Platform agnostic: Roomful engine is a universal multiplayer engine abstracted from any specific Operating system. Every straightforward installment (HTC Vive VR, MR, iOS, Android, Desktops, Browsers, etc.) requires only the implementation of one abstract Native API service.
  • Programmable: The platform does not require end-user coding; however, we have a built-in API (application programming interface) to do complex tasks by end-users.
  • Synchronous: Real-time synchronous updates of spaces, environments, assets, geometry, live user updates, editing, etc.
  • Scalable: Scalable architecture.
  • Teleporting: Proprietary technology to teleport anybody anywhere.
  • Web3.0: High-quality content and services produced by cutting edge technologies.
  • Working: Metaverse is not just a future; we made it work.